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Cost-saving expert legal analysis to mitigate protracted litigation

Well over 9 out of every 10 civil litigation cases settle, often after expensive discover that is entirely avoidable. Without incurring much expense, litigants can achieve more affordable case resolutions through rigorous case evaluation beyond the initial evaluation of insurance risk adjusters. 

Use of a structured approach for evaluating cases – litigation risk assessment – is essential for reducing the risk and cost of protracted litigation.

Litigation risk assessment in a defense case includes a brief summary of the nature of the litigation, a summary of the key facts known during the pre-discovery phase, a case status of the anticipated costs of motions and discovery, a legal analysis of the significant legal issues, the benefits and risks of obtaining a judgment, the strengths and weaknesses of the defense's factual and legal argument and witnesses, the anticipated budget and legal expenses, and a clear recommendation on the strategy for resolution based on the best possible result.

This type of case value assessment is valuable for any defense, especially when making the decision to hire a legal firm to litigate without knowing how much an attorney might bill to handle the legal matter.

What to expect from our service:

  • Reduced discovery expenses.  By placing the need for discovery in the full context of the case, litigants can better prioritize or even eliminate some of the most expensive discovery such as depositions.

  • Improved ability of business units to make informed settle-or-litigate decisions.

  • Increased ability to retain a business or professional relationship with the adversary since disputes are settled earlier.

  •  Increased ability to identify the causes of litigation and to take countermeasures to avoid similar claims.

  • ​Significant reductions in the overall expense of litigation, including both payouts and attorneys' fees and expenses.  

Ginsburg Legal Services would be pleased to work with your business or school system to implement or improve your approach to litigation management. 

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